FATE: A Momentary Encounter Can Change Your Life

May fate brimming with happiness rain down on you from heaven.
It is with that thought in mind, I have drawn the word of “FATE” on this piece.
I want to express my deep gratitude for my appreciated fate through the REISEI Japanese umbrella with everyone.
I pray for your continued success.

REISEI, Calligraphy Artist and Head of the REISEI School of Calligraphy

縁 / FATE

HISTORY Flow how REISEI Umbrella
has been developed

I would like to inherit and succeed the elegant Japanese beautiful culture that has been passed down from ancient Japan into a new form and deliver it to everyone around the world.
With such a heart-pounding feeling a chance happening led us to start a joint business venture with a great Umbrella maker “TSUJIKURA”, which has been going on for 300 years since the Edo period. Thanks to the connection with the Japan's oldest Japanese umbrella maker "TSUJIKURA", Special REISEI Japanese Umbrella has been finished.
TSUJIKURA craftsmen climb the mountains near the ancient capital searching for black bamboos during November through December when there are few insects. The work cost them a great deal of labor.
Only one umbrella is finished from one black bamboo got through such hardships.
It takes about three months to finish handmade umbrella Each umbrella is carefully finished one by one with craftsman’s whole heart and soul.Japanese paper used for those umbrellas is Kyoto intangible cultural property "Kurodani Unryushi Paper.
"The discerned Japanese umbrellas completed through more than 100 manufacturing processes are exactly works of art.I hope you to appreciate the transcendental technique by a Japanese umbrella craftsman who can always make one Japanese umbrella from one black bamboo.
The figure with a closed umbrella let us imagine the original beautiful bamboo figure.
On rainy days, sunny days, wearing Kimono days and in ordinary clothes days you can easily enjoy REISEI umbrellas as an umbrella for everyday use.
You can also enjoy it as an elegant interior work by opening it and decorating it as an object in your room.
Get fascinated with the scent of Japanese umbrellas and enjoy the elegant world of Japanese beauty that has been passed down since the Edo period.

REISEI Japanese umbrella FATE – only 88 available
Comes with a serial number and is signed personally by REISEI

¥121,000(tax included)