Currently Producing Images of the Dragon King on Fusuma Sliding Screen Panels in the Manpuku-ji Temple That Serves as the Head Temple of the Obaku School of Zen Buddhism in Kyoto!

I am drawing the Dragon King on 16 fusuma sliding screen panels in the Manpuku-ji Temple that serves as the head temple of the Obaku School of Zen Buddhism in Kyoto. This will take three years while Tohojo is not open to the public. I am grateful for this opportunity. I have started to draw these images. I plan to complete this in time for the unveiling to the public in 2024!

I am taking on a new challenge in my life as a calligraphy artist.

This was a ceremony in which I received a large brush from Director Kondo at Tohojo in Manpuku-ji Temple.

I am performing seated Zen meditation here at Tohojo which will contain the 16 fusuama sliding screen panels depicting the Dragon King.

Manpuku-ji Temple, the head temple of the Obaku School of Zen Buddhism, was opened by a Chinese monk called Ingen Ryuki in 1661.

Ceremonial manners, rites and songs in praise of Buddha’s virtues starting with services in the morning and evening are traditions unique to Manpuku-ji Temple that have been passed down through the generations.