REISEI is one of the famous Calligraphic Artist in Japan.
She was born between Taiwanese father and Japanese mother.
REISEI became familiaar with the Calligraphic culture from an early age and gained the Master License of Japan Bokuteki-Kai.
She began to delineate the message from the universe, "LOVE & PEACE" after studying in France.
REISEI became known as the "Calligraphic Modern Artist" by using crystal stobes together with the Calligraphic Arts. Her artworks are supremely favored by the celebrities in various fields.


1995 Gained license of the Art Advisor
1997 Became the Calligraohic Master of Japan Bokuteki-kai (Calligraphic Association)
1998 Held the first Calligraphic Exhibition in Kobe
2001 Held the Exhibition collaborated with the photographer in NEW YORK FELISSIMO GALLERY.
Showed the Calligraphic Art on the human body

Launched her own Calligraphic Style work-shop "Healing Calligraphy of REISEIKAI"
2003 Started to design and produce the Interior, Arts and dishes of Restaurant and Shops
2006 Held the solo exhibition "REISEI-EXHIBITION" at DAKIKANYAMA HILLSIDE TRRRACE "Mystic Universe....with Love and Peace"
2008 Obtained the title of "Slovenia's Art and Culture Goodwill Abasaddor" Her artwork "ZEN FUTURE" was permanently preserved to the Slovene ethnographic museum in Slovenia.
Performed RIESEI's Art Performance in the party where the Ambassadors of each countries were invited.
2010 Obtained the title of "Cultrue Ambassador" of 6 EU countries, such as Germany, Autria, Italy, Croatia, Slovene and poland by Saint Fortnut
2011 "PRIX MAURICE RAVEL" was awarded from the MONACO government at the Recontre Artistique MONACO to her artwork "LUNAR ECLIPSE".

Presented her original designed "REISEI-BEAR" to the Met'Art Tokyo 2011 to be auctioned. Also performed her Art-Performance. The money auctioned to her REISEI-BEAR and her artwork which was created by the performance were all donated to the Earth Quake and Tsunami victims thru Excellence International

Joined the exhibition in "GALLERIE DU CARLTON" of CARLTON CANNES HOTEL in France.

Exhibiting her artworks in the "LES DUES CANAILLES" Nice, France (restaurant featured in The Guide Michelin 2012)
2012 Published the book "REISEI'S WORLD OF BEAUTIFUL MIND" which presents her lifestyle and artworks